Patricia Danks, PhD
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
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Personal profile
Like many therapists, I was introduced to this work through my own therapy experience. In 1982 I first entered therapy to better understand myself. I suffered from bouts of depression and could not seem to control the sad moods that would overtake me. I knew that my depression affected everyone around me, especially my children. I had no idea how I was creating these moods and did not have the skills to make changes in my life. At that time I was a wife and mother of five children and a part-time college student. 

What most surprised me about therapy was that I felt supported and affirmed. I expected that my therapist would point out what was wrong with me and my life. Instead, I learned that the talents and good qualities that I admired in others were a part of me but I could not see them in myself. My therapy experience helped me to change from a shy and unsure person to an assertive, self-assured woman. I learned how to take care of myself and make positive choices. 

Style of therapy
I am an active therapist and give direction during the sessions. I have studied and mastered a multitude of disciplines and am comfortable adapting treatment to each client. I think therapy sessions should be comfortable (even when difficult) and believe that laughter is as important as tears to the healing process. 

Education and professional journey
My therapy experience encouraged me to complete a master's degree and enter the field of psychology. I took my doctorate in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California.

My career began in 1985 when I began a private practice in Las Vegas, NV. While in Las Vegas, working with some talented women, I started Brynwell, a Centering Place for Women. It was a non-profit organization that offered classes, group experience and seminars to help women in transition. Through Brynwell, women were introduced to personal growth skills, Jungian dream work, self-esteem work and individual counseling. 

Current practice
Because I love to work with families and relationships, I have chosen a career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I help people as individuals, couples, families and groups to make changes that will help them to live their life in the best way possible. I enjoy speaking to groups on issues of mental health, parenting, women's issues, spirituality and personal development.

I am an avid student of psychologist, Carl G. Jung and incorporate his theory of personality and dream interpretation with individual therapy work. I am a student of world religions and welcome my clients' spiritual views into their work.

In twenty-three years of my professional work, I have learned so much from my clients. I have held their stories and experiences close to my heart. They have proven to me the value of every struggle and the goodness in every person.

Because of my personal experience, 
I understand depression, anxiety, social phobia and low self esteem in a personal way.  

I appreciate the many ways in which one can hold themselves back from success. 

I understand how easily one can give control of their life to another person–and I know the way to reclaim control of one’s life. 

I know how mental and emotional illness of those around us affect our attitudes and success in life. 

I am assured that each of us can create the life we want to live. 

I know that the positive changes each person makes will affect their children and grandchildren.

I believe that therapy is a companion relationship in which I have the honor to share in another’s story and act as a guide with caring and insight. 

For appointment, contact me at 734 740-1969 or e-mail me at